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How it works

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Launching soon!

We’ll announce a launch date in the near future. Initially, we’ll offer free use of the service for anyone who comes on board during the early days as a thank you. Those businesses will have the opportunity of having input into the development of the platform.

Partner with us!

We’re here to help local businesses and will partner with those who believe the same. We’re not exclusive to the food industry and we’d be interested in hearing from other businesses in other industries who would find benefit in a service such as this.

Ride or work for us!

As a growing business, we’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic riders and delivery drivers who want to be a part of a hyper-local community venture. If you would be interested in joining us on our journey, please get in touch with us.

Supporting your business

We offer in-house, collection and delivery service options as well as a local directory for customers to browse. We’ll also work with you to help your business grow and succeed.

Community First

We offer an online community-centric space with community-centric values. Our commitments revolve around our community members and partners, and we make sure they come first.

New Audiences

We offer a home for a wider range of businesses and services by offering a free directory listing for all our Partners. As we grow, our directory will be a valuable source of new customers for your business.

Together, we’ll make a difference

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