10 reasons why should support independent shops

The main reason why it is important to support independent shops is that they usually have an active role within a community. If you want to support your local community, support independent businesses first. More money stays in a community when purchases are made from local businesses rather than national ones.

Reasons You Should Support Independent Shops

Independent businesses take care of your community

92% of all independent businesses donate to charities and nonprofits and more than half encourage employees to volunteer their time.

You’re supporting local entrepreneurs

Local businesses not only promote a sense of community spirit but also contribute to its development. Many of these entrepreneurs are likely to realize this and give something back to the local community.

You’re building a direct relationship

If you are regular, the shopkeeper knows you personally and it will make your shopping experience much more enjoyable. Independent shop owners care about the people in the neighbourhood and often provide exceptional and personalized customer service.

Strengthening local influence

By supporting independent shops you are likely supporting another member of the community. This means they can help make important decisions and are more likely to care about the impact their decisions have on the community.

You’re helping your local economy

Small independent businesses use the goods and services of other local businesses such as banks and farms. This creates social and economic relationships with other business owners, schools, and community leaders.

You’re helping the environment

Independent businesses help maintain vibrant city centres, which in turn are essential to reducing car use, habitat loss and air pollution. This is much better than driving to retail parks that have been built on natural habitats.

You can find real gems

One of the best things about independent shops is discovering unique, timeless, and original products that are not available on the high street. On the high street, some products may become too manufactured and generic, and you will see the same style with a different label in all large stores.

Independent stores always offer a unique opportunity to explore their line of products. It’s sometimes great to know that you are one of the few people who has just purchased a particular item.


Most independent shops are run by individuals rather than directors, shareholders, or algorithms. These are business that often believe in givng back to a community that supports them. Relationships between customers and those who work for an independent shop often go beyond simple purchases and become family.

These are some of the reasons why it is important to support independent shops.

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