Best online ordering platforms

Online ordering platforms have taken online food business by storm. But how do you choose the best online ordering platform for your business? Food delivery is important for restaurateurs today more than ever, and delivery or collection is now a great way for restaurants to get more sales. So, choosing the right delivery platform can help your restaurant succeed.

If you’re planning to adapt your restaurant to take-away and delivery offer, you should understand the differences between ordering platforms.

Most online ordering platforms offer:
  • A dashboard for your admin & kitchen with
  • Integration into your existing POS or comes with their own
  • An integrated customer base that eliminates your customer acquisition costs
  • Commission fees of up to 15% for standard service, and up to 30% for using delivery services through their platform

With many restaurants now focusing on takeout and delivery, it is important that you choose the best option for you.

What features should you expect?

Mass directory traffic

These platforms are useful because they’re usually marketing-led and will do the marketing for you in return for a commission on orders. This could increase the number of new customers you gain, but you may find your margins being squeezed by the commission. If you’re looking to reach more customers, look for a platform with a directory system where different restaurants can be listed on one website.


Smartphones have changed online ordering. According to statistics, orders from smartphones will account for more than 10% of all sales in fast-food restaurants by 2021. An online ordering platform should offer mobile optimisation for customers and restaurants.

Advantages of online ordering platforms

More orders

As a restaurant owner or manager, you must do whatever you can to improve results. More orders mean you’re either make more money or creating new customers. A marketing orientated online ordering system offers you a platform you can use to increase your sales and appeal to customers that prefer online ordering. If you have an online presence, a simple search engine query could bring them right to your doorstep.


By providing an online ordering platform your regular ordering processes are automated. This means your employees can spend more time with customers without the distraction of ringing phones and walk-ins.

High Conversion Rate

The best online ordering platforms help you reach a customer base that is already familiar with ordering online. During busy times, many restaurants report a conversion rate of 40% or more, which means that 40% of visitors to their online order page place an order.

To encourage repeat visits, your customers can create accounts that store loyalty program information, gift card details, and secure, encrypted credit card information for repeat purchases.

This statistic is particularly interesting when you consider that the “typical” conversion rates for other e-commerce sectors are around 2.35%.

Brand awareness

One of the main advantages of the online food ordering platform is that you can increase the popularity and brand awareness of your restaurant. More people will see your restaurant on popular platforms and will know who you are, even if they don’t buy anything.

Improved efficiency

Ordering through online platforms improves operational efficiency by effectively eliminating order errors. By giving the consumer full control of the order, you can streamline your operations and increase throughput. It also helps cut waiting times, and by setting up a self-service kiosk, you can make it quick and easy for your customers to take it out.


Online ordering platforms have many advantages for your customers and for your company. They offer a user-friendly layout that looks great on a smartphone and makes it easy for customers to order. Today, people prefer to use phones for everything and enjoy apps and websites that offer the most options.

Online technology has changed the way people communicate and order online. If you don’t keep up with these changes, you may lose customers to your competition.

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