Can shopping locally improve the community?

We all know shopping locally has many advantages, including growing the local economy and improving the community. Small businesses do more than just one job. Project 3/50 reports that every time you spend in local stores, more than 60% goes directly to the community, compared to under 40% for purchases from a large chain. That income comes back in the form of taxes, payroll, charitable actions, spending locally and other expenses.

How can shopping locally improves the community

Keeping the money in the community

Shopping locally improves the community by keeping money in the community. According to a study by the American Independent Business Alliance, up to 48% of all purchases made by local small businesses in the community are recycled within the community. While only 14% of large store purchases are seen by the community.

Help keep the money in your community by shopping locally and you will see more of the rewards.

Building a closer and stronger community

Local shopping improves the community both socially and economically by creating jobs and pouring more money into the local economy.

Shopping locally also has an impact on strengthening relationships with the community. Local businesses are more likely to share common interests with you and will work with you on the same goals. They are also are more likely to contribute to local concerns and can make your neighbourhood better.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Another benefit of shopping locally is the impact it can have on your community’s carbon footprint. Local businesses often employ local delivery drivers, meaning less traffic and lower fuel consumption.

Protecting local wildlife

Many people prefer to buy locally grown food because they find it fresher. But buying locally grown food can also help protect local wildlife. Keeping local farmers in business avoids land being lost to developers, protecting local wildlife habitats.

Strengthening the local economy

When you buy plenty of local produce, these small business owners see the community as a desirable place to grow their business. They can open other stores, offer additional products and encourage other business partners to join the same community.

If local businesses thrive, more money from taxes will be put into local community funds.

Small local businesses add more value to towns and villages

A small business adds more value to the city as you walk around. Many business owners will do something out of the ordinary or unique about the exterior architecture to further promote their product or service theme.

This additional attention to detail becomes a selling point for the company’s branding and gives the community an appealing visual appearance.

The character of the business can further promote an exciting atmosphere for visitors and guests. The local business can also add something different and unique to the area, breaking the monotony of dealing with the same old thing.

Createing more jobs and opportunities

A local business that becomes successful will grow as more jobs are opened to be filled by local employees. This is why it is important to shop local, as it can help improve the community.

Additionally, the local business can encourage other businesses to make a profit in the same community. Other small businesses offering similar products and services will enter the regional market and stimulate local competition, which can result in lower prices and better product quality. This gives you more options at the right prices to suit your budget.

Encouraging local entrepreneurship

If a local small business owner becomes successful in the community, this can be the right encouragement for others to take the plunge and become local entrepreneurs too. They can have a unique perspective with their products and services so that what they offer compliments another local business and provides cross-selling opportunities for both business owners. Also, many local entrepreneurs are ready to offer advice and mentoring to local entrepreneurs.

Since they understand the business world and have already overcome all the hurdles and hurdles to become a successful owner, they can bring their knowledge to the entrepreneur so that the new business owner is equipped with the right tools and skills.

By shopping local business, one way or the other you are improving and adding more value to the community.


When you shop locally, you get more than just the items you want quickly and easily. Buying local products boosts the economy and improves the community, helps local schools and charities, and even helps the environment.

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