How do I get my business on the Leolly platform?

Simply go to Leolly Partners and apply. We’ll be in touch.

Is Leolly exclusive to food & drink?

No, Leolly welcomes a range of local businesses on the platform. If you are unsure about your particular business, please get in touch with us.

Does Leolly offer in-house ordering?

Yes, Leolly allows customers to order from within your establishment, such as table service or waiting room ordering.

Will Leolly deliver my order on my behalf?

Although Leolly are intending to offer to deliver on behalf of businesses in future, we currently cannot deliver an order on your behalf. But please get in touch with us regarding this option as we will be looking for testers for the delivery service system we have planned. For now, businesses will need to self fulfil all orders.

How can I become a Leolly Community Feature?

Simply get in touch with us and we’ll discuss getting you featured.