How to support local food places

The covid-19 has now become part of our daily life with lots of businesses collapsing due to the lockdown. The food business is not left out, this is what brings to the question of how to support local food places? 

As the UK heads into Lockdown 3, local food places need consumers to support more than ever. From ordering takeaways to leaving positive reviews for your favourite spots, there are plenty of ways you can help keep local food places going without leaving the house.

Ways to support local food places

Supporting local food places has many benefits. It can boost the local economy and communities, help local shareholders, preserve open space, benefit the environment, and ensure that community farms are still active.

One of the best ways to help local food places remain in business is to keep ordering from them, especially in areas where indoor dining is restricted and only allowing takeaway delivery options.

The following list below are ways you can support local food places of your choice:

If you can’t eat in, order to take away

Many local food places have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and many have suffered enormous financial losses. Now is a great time to start eating local food by ordering. Even if you can’t dine there, most local food places are happy to take takeout orders, and some even offer roadside pickups.

Buy a gift voucher

If you have the money to spend, now is the time to invest in your favourite local food spot and get gift vouchers from them. Most local food places allow their gift cards to be used for up to six months after purchase. Some even extended this period due to the current pandemic.

The gift voucher will help them make an income during this difficult time and you can use the coupons once the business is back on track fully. Think of this as an IOU (this is a document that recognizes a debt).

Write a positive review

This pandemic shows the power and ubiquity of the internet and how it makes human interaction easier. Show your local food place a virtual love by posting reviews on their page and “inviting” friends and family to “like” their social media pages too.

Positive reviews can help local food place a lot, and positive reviews of your favourite spots are beneficial when they reopen. Reviews help to improve the morale of the business and its staff.

Buy merchandise from your favourite local food place

While you currently cannot visit your local food place or local eatery, you can still represent them by purchasing some of their merchandise. Many local food businesses have jumped on the carts in recent years, selling everything from mugs and t-shirts to canvas bags and reusable coffee mugs. If your local food place has a range of products on offer, visit their website now for the much-needed income.

Like, comment, and share their post on social media

Whether it’s a favourite dish, new menu, or just a general shout out. Sharing their content on social media can dramatically increase post engagements and grow audiences. This does not cost a penny, it is just a way to show support and help a business trying to survive in this hard time.

Support of local aid funds

Some organizations have set up aid funds that can help local food places to stay afloat during turbulent times. Donations can have a huge impact on the lives of employees who are unemployed or earn less money during the pandemic.

Others are turning to GoFundMe pages to stay open. They are also working with various organizations to help the community get through this difficult time. Even a few pounds can go a long way. So check on your favourite local food place and see what you can donate.

Subscribe to their newsletter

If you want to take your support to the next level, why not subscribe to your favorite local food place newsletter. That way, you’ll learn about special events, discounts, and new menus as they happen and plans.

The perspective of supporting local food places to remain in business during this hard time is different for each individual, depending on your level of comfort. However, when placing a takeaway or delivery order, try to order directly from the local food place instead of using a third-party delivery app.

Third-party websites can charge a large amount, which means that only a small fraction of the money spent goes to the local food place you want to support.

Benefits of supporting local food places

It’s not just your local restaurants, local farmers are also having issues with this lockdown right now. Many local farmers rely on selling their crops to local buyers such as restaurants and grocers and promoting their products at farmers’ markets. With increasingly limited opportunities, farmers are left with unsold products.

By supporting local, it means you are supporting a long chain of people together.

It improves general well-being

One of the most rewarding parts of supporting local food place is knowing that you are contributing to your community, economy, and environment. The combined benefits improve wellbeing and fulfilment knowing that your purchases are making a difference.

It helps them stay in business

Local food places create jobs. By supporting local food places, know for sure you are making a direct contribution to helping your neighbours and your community as a whole to remain in business and retain their jobs.


At the end of the day, it’s completely free to support a growing business on social media. Leave a friendly review, or share their content to friends and family. These little gestures goes a long way.

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