Become a Partner

Being a Leolly Partner is more than selling online, it’s a promise to share our core values…

  • to improve sustainability
  • to respect accessibility
  • to protect culture
  • to be healthier
  • to better our communities

Our goal is to help our communities grow and develop into supportive local ecosystems.

Current Partner Benefits

As we’ve only just launched a Beta version of our site that is still in development, we’re offering service discounts to all vendors on the site. You can also directly suggest improvements for the platform that will benefit your business, and we may be able to build them for you!


After being accepted as a Partner we’ll enable your account on Leolly. You’re also very welcome to display the Leolly logo in your shop window. And every time someone uses Leolly, you can tell them they’re directly contributing towards removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

If you would like to become a Leolly Partner and have your businesses listed on the website, please apply here.

To support local businesses, visit