Our values


We strongly believe in growing a like-minded community of Partners that share our values. The community will enable each other to grow and develop collectively alongside their local eco-system as we convert the local community to ordering local.

Prioritising Local

Our mission is to merge modern technology with a local ethos. It’s fantastic that we can order from one side of the country to the other, or from one continent to another – but we’re thinking differently. We want to support a local eco-system and encourage consumers to buy local, with all the same benefits of using other popular platforms with easy and quick delivery.


We strongly believe in sustainability and doing our bit for the planet and currently donating 1% of our revenue to fund carbon removal. So every time you pay using Leolly, you are directly contributing to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Our future goal is to encourage and reward zero-emissions delivery with all our orders, from bicycles and electric vehicles to public transport. We’re also looking at zero-waste schemes for Partners on the platform.


Our goal is to build a platform that’s accessible to all and want to ensure all users have a positive experience. If you have any suggestions on how we can make our platform even more accessible, please let us know.


Respecting culture is incredibly important to us. We believe in contributing to a vibrant society and striving to improve learning and health. It also gives us more opportunities to feel united and increases the overall wellbeing for communities.


Our goal is to build a platform that truly benefits local businesses. Everyone has a say in the development process as well as what features are built next. Together, we can work on reshaping consumer behaviours an values and bring the international market back closer to home.


If you would like to become a Leolly Partner and have your businesses listed on the website, please apply here.

To support local businesses, visit leolly.com