Become a Partner

Leolly is a community focused online guide & marketplace for businesses. We partner with local business of all sizes to work together on developing the tools needed to be successful.

The platform offers:

  • A feature in our online guide, to attract new customers
  • A range of service fulfilment options, to grow business offering
  • A management system, giving businesses full control over their service

    Why work with Leolly?

    We work with local businesses

    We’re working with local businesses to develop the exact tools they need to succeed. If a business has a suggestion or an idea, we will do everything we can to make it happen!

    We engage with local communities

    We’re building a like minded community of followers that share our vision. We’ll share and promote within this like minded community in future.

    We look after the environment

    We’re only developing solutions that are environmentally friendly and will be beneficial for our planet. Our long term vision is to develop green fulfilment services.

    What are the Partner benefits?

    Input into the features

    Partners have direct input into what features are being developed.

    Input into the service

    Partners influence how Leolly operates in order to find the best approach for everyone.

    Financial benefit

    Early Partners will benefit from reduced service & monthly costs in future.

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